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Update v0.9.8.8[edit | edit source]


  • New In-Game Obstacle: Black Holes
  • BETA Language support added for 10 additional languages!
  • German, French, Italian, Spanish,Russian, Brazilian, Portuguese,Chinese, Turkish, Polish and Ukrainian
  • Not all phrases are localized currently - Notable phrases missing are item names, tank part names,
  • Shots fired from an inside of a circular bumper now bounce internally and challenge names.
  • Also, in-game chat may not have character support for all languages yet
  • These will be fixed in a future update
  • Please report any issues to [email protected]

Update v0.9.8.7[edit | edit source]


  • New In-Game Obstacle: Black Holes
  • Black Holes affect the gravity around them, but don't let your shots get sucked in!
  • Black Hole Skil Shot Added: +5 XP
  • All other in-game obstacles now have a chance to span multiple turns
  • Shots fired from an inside of a circular bumper now bounce internally
  • Improved initial connection reliability (less resorting to 'Method 2')
  • Power/Angle Indicator text now easier to read with a thick outline

Update v0.9.8.6[edit | edit source]


  • Added 2 New Prestige Weapons:
  • BreakerMadness > BreakerMania (Level 83 Unlock}
  • Upgraded explosions visuals with new spark particles
  • Upgraded transition screen and connect screen with new particle effect
  • Optimized backend database systems
  • Improved error message helpfulness
  • A couple other small bug/stability fixes

``6/23/2017`` Mini Update v

  • Upgraded Unity to v5.6.2 for crash and bug fixes
  • Rolled back networking code which seemed to be causing issues

Update v0.9.8.5[edit | edit source]


  • New In-Game Tab Screen!
  • Hold <Tab> to display tank stats, hp, armor, damage and kills
  • Tanks sorted by damage dealt, kills, etc.
  • Different game modes show different relevant stats
  • Corrected the order of the modes in lobby mode-select
  • Added 'Hotseat' menu option to Multiplayer menu category (just a shortcut to Skirmish mode)
  • Upgraded Unity Engine to v5.6.1 bringing performance and stability improvements
  • Upgraded Text engine to v1.0.55
  • Several other behind the scenes networking improvements

Update v0.9.8.4[edit | edit source]


  • 8 New Challenges/Achievements added:
  • Around the World - Land a shot that hits both side bumpers
  • Triple Play - Land a shot that hits a bumper, a portal, and an X2
  • Bullseye - Survive 25 shots in Marksman
  • Bracketeer - Win a 16 player tournament
  • Rebound Veteran - Win 25 Rebound rounds
  • Marksman Veteran - Win 25 Marksman rounds
  • Charge Veteran - Win 25 Charge rounds
  • Shoccer Veteran - Win 25 Shoccer rounds
  • Adjusted several Challenges/Achievements:
  • Other 'Veteran' challenge requirements reduced from 100 wins to 25
  • Round 'Play' and 'Win' challenges adjusted from a max of 10,000 rounds to 2,000 rounds
  • Persistent challenge removed
  • Dev Destroyer can now also be completed by defeating a lvl 100 who has completed the challenge
  • Napalm damage adjusted. Still slightly distance based, but not as severe as before.
  • Fixed 'Ouch!' and 'Yowzers!' from not sometimes being awarded
  • Adjusted network communication- please contact me with any unexpected behavior

Update v0.9.8.3[edit | edit source]


  • Official Game Wiki set up, please feel free to contribute!
  • Added Top Live Twitch Streams section
  • Victory Tunes now have their own independent volume setting in the game Settings
  • Added 4 new Victory Tunes (Kokomo, Get Jiggy, Latin Cumbia, and Whistle)
  • Sound effect volume now defaults to 80% instead of 100%
  • Fixed the One-Shot-Damage achievements from sometimes not being awarded
  • Napalm weapons now do slightly less damage from close range
  • Made progress towards fixing an issue where gears from spins are not awarded
  • Shield can now only be used when it's your turn and tank movement is allowed
  • Fixed issue where items would be consumed but not used
  • Better internal error handling

Update v0.9.8.2[edit | edit source]


  • 3 New Weapons Added:
  • Zipper > Double Zipper > Zipper Quad (Level 7 Unlock)
  • Chat bubbles added to Results screen! No more struggling to squeeze in a 'gg'
  • Weapon instantiation server code heavily optimized
  • A couple other small fixes

Update v0.9.8.1[edit | edit source]


  • New Feature: Randomly Generated Maps!
  • New Random and Generated Map animations in the game lobby
  • New Random Map and Hill graphics in all mini-map displays
  • Fixed Challenge Complete screen. No more 'This is a description'
  • Optimized server performance in specific scenarios
  • QuickJoin now more reliably connects to a game
  • Shields now only last one full turn (instead of two sometimes)
  • 'Dev Destroyer' criteria adjusted

Update v0.9.8[edit | edit source]


  • Improvements in hack prevention
  • Improved Mini-Map graphics in game-room and map-select screen
  • Disabling 'GamePad' in Settings now successfully prevents input issues
  • Level 100 players are now awarded the 100th and final tank upgrade token
  • Added option to adjust or disable the screen rumble effect in Settings
  • Added Super Fast-Forward button on the Results screen that runs at 4x speed
  • Chats now show greyed out usernames of past user messages instead of '<left>'
  • Subtle visual upgrade of chat messages",
  • Significantly reduced performance hiccups, especially during scene transitions
  • Slightly reduced Rebound XP Modifier from 1.8x to 1.6x
  • 'Crack of Dawn' map now successfully unlocks (may take a day to update)

Update v0.9.7.9[edit | edit source]


  • Upgraded Unity game engine to v5.5.2
  • Fixed crash relating to particle systems
  • Fixed several other unusual game crashes
  • Improved particle system performance
  • Fixed issue where weapon icons would appear over overlays
  • Added common error documentation to Steam Discussions page
  • Some top-secret improvements that I can't get into right now

Update v0.9.7.8[edit | edit source]


  • New Game Mode: Shoccer!
  • Blast the ball into your opponent's goal using weapon explosions
  • Most goals at the end of the game wins!
  • Marksman game mode no longer gives players incompatible weapons
  • Several behind-the-scenes improvements and fixes

Update v0.9.7.7[edit | edit source]


  • Added Player Report Button
  • Player Reports will be collected and analyzed to help in decisions regarding suspensions and bans
  • Fixed issue where text would appear outside of dialog box
  • Clan Leaderboards now more accurate - accuracy will increase over time
  • Updated Unity Engine to v5.5.1 bringing several stability and performance upgrades
  • Non-bouncable weapons no longer appear in crates in Rebound
  • A few other small fixes

Update v0.9.7.6[edit | edit source]


  • Added 2 new weapons:
  • Disco Ball > Groovy Ball (Level 25 Unlock)
  • Report button back-end implementation complete (for release in next update)
  • Fixed a bug where the game mishandled controller input
  • Several behind-the-scenes improvements