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Update v1.0[edit | edit source]


  • Attack Drones
  • x3 Damage Buff
  • Vortex Mode
  • New Items
  • Items are now sold in the gear shop
  • New Challenge: Autonomous Combat
  • New Weapon: Drone > Heavy Drone
  • New Weapon: Permaroller > Heavy Permaroller
  • New Weapon Tier: Construction
  • New Weapon Tiers: Paprika & Cayenne
  • Obstacles Game Option
  • Firing Range Editor
  • Star Badges
  • New Tank Parts
  • New Victory Tune
  • New Map
  • New Mission Set
  • Mission Thumbnails
  • Missions Balance Fixes
  • Visual Improvements
  • Audio Upgradesa
  • Game Mode XP Multiplier Rework
  • Increased number of weapons will now penetrate shields
  • Plethora of bugfixes and optimization

Update v0.9.9.5[edit | edit source]


  • Fixed a bug where damage totals on the end-game screen were incorrect
  • Significant performance improvements during gameplay
  • Fixed the clan leaderboard, which now shows the top 500 clans
  • A couple other small bug fixes and improvements

Update v0.9.9.4[edit | edit source]


  • Side wall bumpers are now slightly visible at all times
  • Added a visual effect when a projectile goes offscreen
  • Added a new Quick Chat Wheel for those who play with a controller (Hold Left Trigger)
  • Fixed a bug where selecting a weapon with a controller would cause your tank to move
  • A couple other small bug fixes

Update v0.9.9.3[edit | edit source]


  • Two new weapons added to the gear shop:
  • Oddball > Oddbomb (Gear Shop)
  • Botherer > Tormentor > Punisher (Gear Shop)
  • Fixed several crashes, including one associated with Citrix Workspace
  • Fixed extra text being shown on the clan-create page
  • Several other bug fixes and performance improvements

Update v0.9.9.2[edit | edit source]


  • Fixed an issue where Steam Invites would sometimes not work correctly
  • A couple other minor bug fixes

Update v0.9.9.1[edit | edit source]


  • Upgraded Unity Game Engine from v2017.4.10 to v2017.4.15 for a couple more stability fixes
  • Fixed issue where clan names were displayed as a '?'
  • Fixed Performance issue on Mac
  • Fixed a few startup crashes
  • Fixed an scrolling issue on the Hub Songs screen

Update v0.9.9.0[edit | edit source]


  • Upgraded Unity Game Engine from v5.6 to v2017.4.10 for a many performance and stability fixes
  • Improved physics CPU performance
  • Refined controller input for a smoother experience
  • Several UI issues and inconsistencies fixed
  • Several possible crashes fixed
  • With such a large jump in game engine version, there are bound to be some issues that arise, so please report any bugs!
  • More large strides towards a console release- keep an eye out for an Xbox One version in the next couple months!

Update v0.9.8.22[edit | edit source]


  • New map added to the gear shop: Spores
  • Fixed several graphics related crashes
  • Fixed issue where camera would not render based on a problem with the depth buffer
  • Improved particle system and physics engine performance
  • Fixed a couple crashes related to screen preferences
  • Many backend milestones reached for an eventual console release (getting closer!)
  • Several other small fixes

Update v0.9.8.21[edit | edit source]


  • New map added to the gear shop: Pride Rock
  • Several more controller improvements:
  • Hotseat mode can now be joined and played with local friends using separate controllers
  • Switched back to the original in-game control scheme with a few tweaks and improvements
  • LB and RB can now be used to switch weapons
  • Added rumble effects for select gamepads
  • Daily Win bonus can now be claimed with a controller
  • Results screen can now be fast-forwarded with a controller (Right trigger or A)
  • More behind-the-scenes improvements working towards a future console release

Update v0.9.8.20[edit | edit source]


  • The Hub is now fully navigable with a controller
  • Both angle and (new) power indicators are now visible when using the arrow keys or a controller
  • Slight changes in the way the controller controls aim: Left stick for angle, right stick for power
  • Items (specifically EMP and Jetpack) can now be used with a controller
  • Start button now shows the tab-screen in-game
  • Fixed bug where EMP and Jetpack use screen could both be visible at once
  • Several behind-the-scenes improvements working towards a possible future console release

Update v0.9.8.19[edit | edit source]


  • Added Final Prestige Weapon!
  • Radar > Sonar > Lidar
  • Fixed font display issue on 'Challenge Complete' screen
  • Fixed issue where weapon unlock grid showed up behind weapon icon
  • A couple other small improvements

Update v0.9.8.18[edit | edit source]


  • Added 2 New Prestige Weapon Sets:
  • Homing Missile > Homing Rockets (Level 84 Unlock)
  • Recruiter > Enroller > Enlister (Level 97 Unlock)
  • By popular demand, reduced default music and sound effect volume :)
  • Fixed a bug with a blank map in the 'Range Options' panel
  • Fixed the 'Taser' weapon in Rebound
  • A couple other small fixes

Update v0.9.8.17[edit | edit source]


  • Added 2 New Prestige Weapon Sets:
  • Acid Rain > Acid Hail (Level 91 Unlock)
  • Taser > Heavy Taser (Level 93 Unlock)
  • Upgraded Unity engine to v. 5.6.5 for several improvements
  • Fixed a couple rare crashes and bugs

Mini-Update v0.9.8.16[edit | edit source]


  • Added a festive new victory theme song: Winter Bells
  • Fixed some localization issues
  • A few performance and stability improvements

Update v0.9.8.15[edit | edit source]


Update v0.9.8.14[edit | edit source]


  • Localization tweaks and improvements so we can officially enable language support through Steam
  • A couple other small fixes and improvements

Update v0.9.8.13[edit | edit source]


Update v0.9.8.12[edit | edit source]


  • Added New Prestige Weapon Set:
  • Sausage > Bratwurst > Kielbasa (Level 94 Unlock)
  • Auto-mute now takes games played into consideration to refine detection
  • Upgraded Unity engine to v5.6.4 for several performance and stability improvements
  • Fixed several graphics-related crashes
  • Fixed an issue with the tab screen
  • A few other small fixes

Update v0.9.8.11[edit | edit source]


  • Added 2 New Prestige Weapon Sets:
  • Tweeter > Squawker > Woofer (Level 90 Unlock)
  • Early Bird > Early Worm (Level 96 Unlock)
  • Added new setting to auto-mute highly reported players (can be adjusted in settings)
  • Auto-muted players can still be unmuted manually
  • Current inputted chat text is now carried over from the Game screen to the Result screen
  • A couple small fixes

Mini-Update v0.9.8.10[edit | edit source]


  • Added a new system that intelligently tries to reconnect users disconnected by an 'EndRead' or 'ReceivedBytes == 0' error
  • If reconnected successfully, you should never notice you were disconnected in the first place
  • This feature is early in development, so please notify with any odd behavior
  • Improved backend error loggin, to help learn more about these issues

Update v0.9.8.9[edit | edit source]


  • Added 2 New Prestige Weapon Sets:
  • Pentagram > Pentaslam (Level 87 Unlock)
  • Fury > Rage (Level 98 Unlock)
  • Language translation accuracy greatly improved. More languages coming soon!
  • Please feel free to help us continue to improve translations here:
  • Upgraded Unity engine to v5.6.3 for several stability improvements
  • A couple other small bug fixes

Update v0.9.8.8[edit | edit source]


  • New In-Game Obstacle: Black Holes
  • BETA Language support added for 10 additional languages!
  • German, French, Italian, Spanish,Russian, Brazilian, Portuguese,Chinese, Turkish, Polish and Ukrainian
  • Not all phrases are localized currently - Notable phrases missing are item names, tank part names,
  • Shots fired from an inside of a circular bumper now bounce internally and challenge names.
  • Also, in-game chat may not have character support for all languages yet
  • These will be fixed in a future update
  • Please report any issues to

Update v0.9.8.7[edit | edit source]


  • New In-Game Obstacle: Black Holes
  • Black Holes affect the gravity around them, but don't let your shots get sucked in!
  • Black Hole Skil Shot Added: +5 XP
  • All other in-game obstacles now have a chance to span multiple turns
  • Shots fired from an inside of a circular bumper now bounce internally
  • Improved initial connection reliability (less resorting to 'Method 2')
  • Power/Angle Indicator text now easier to read with a thick outline

Update v0.9.8.6[edit | edit source]


  • Added 2 New Prestige Weapons:
  • BreakerMadness > BreakerMania (Level 83 Unlock)
  • Upgraded explosions visuals with new spark particles
  • Upgraded transition screen and connect screen with new particle effect
  • Optimized backend database systems
  • Improved error message helpfulness
  • A couple other small bug/stability fixes

Mini-Update v0.[edit | edit source]


  • Upgraded Unity to v5.6.2 for crash and bug fixes
  • Rolled back networking code which seemed to be causing issues

Update v0.9.8.5[edit | edit source]


  • New In-Game Tab Screen!
  • Hold <Tab> to display tank stats, hp, armor, damage and kills
  • Tanks sorted by damage dealt, kills, etc.
  • Different game modes show different relevant stats
  • Corrected the order of the modes in lobby mode-select
  • Added 'Hotseat' menu option to Multiplayer menu category (just a shortcut to Skirmish mode)
  • Upgraded Unity Engine to v5.6.1 bringing performance and stability improvements
  • Upgraded Text engine to v1.0.55
  • Several other behind the scenes networking improvements

Update v0.9.8.4[edit | edit source]


  • 8 New Challenges/Achievements added:
  • Around the World - Land a shot that hits both side bumpers
  • Triple Play - Land a shot that hits a bumper, a portal, and an X2
  • Bullseye - Survive 25 shots in Marksman
  • Bracketeer - Win a 16 player tournament
  • Rebound Veteran - Win 25 Rebound rounds
  • Marksman Veteran - Win 25 Marksman rounds
  • Charge Veteran - Win 25 Charge rounds
  • Shoccer Veteran - Win 25 Shoccer rounds
  • Adjusted several Challenges/Achievements:
  • Other 'Veteran' challenge requirements reduced from 100 wins to 25
  • Round 'Play' and 'Win' challenges adjusted from a max of 10,000 rounds to 2,000 rounds
  • Persistent challenge removed
  • Dev Destroyer can now also be completed by defeating a lvl 100 who has completed the challenge
  • Napalm damage adjusted. Still slightly distance based, but not as severe as before.
  • Fixed 'Ouch!' and 'Yowzers!' from not sometimes being awarded
  • Adjusted network communication- please contact me with any unexpected behavior

Update v0.9.8.3[edit | edit source]


  • Official Game Wiki set up, please feel free to contribute!
  • Added Top Live Twitch Streams section
  • Victory Tunes now have their own independent volume setting in the game Settings
  • Added 4 new Victory Tunes (Kokomo, Get Jiggy, Latin Cumbia, and Whistle)
  • Sound effect volume now defaults to 80% instead of 100%
  • Fixed the One-Shot-Damage achievements from sometimes not being awarded
  • Napalm weapons now do slightly less damage from close range
  • Made progress towards fixing an issue where gears from spins are not awarded
  • Shield can now only be used when it's your turn and tank movement is allowed
  • Fixed issue where items would be consumed but not used
  • Better internal error handling

Update v0.9.8.2[edit | edit source]


  • 3 New Weapons Added:
  • Zipper > Double Zipper > Zipper Quad (Level 7 Unlock)
  • Chat bubbles added to Results screen! No more struggling to squeeze in a 'gg'
  • Weapon instantiation server code heavily optimized
  • A couple other small fixes

Update v0.9.8.1[edit | edit source]


  • New Feature: Randomly Generated Maps!
  • New Random and Generated Map animations in the game lobby
  • New Random Map and Hill graphics in all mini-map displays
  • Fixed Challenge Complete screen. No more 'This is a description'
  • Optimized server performance in specific scenarios
  • QuickJoin now more reliably connects to a game
  • Shields now only last one full turn (instead of two sometimes)
  • 'Dev Destroyer' criteria adjusted

Update v0.9.8[edit | edit source]


  • Improvements in hack prevention
  • Improved Mini-Map graphics in game-room and map-select screen
  • Disabling 'GamePad' in Settings now successfully prevents input issues
  • Level 100 players are now awarded the 100th and final tank upgrade token
  • Added option to adjust or disable the screen rumble effect in Settings
  • Added Super Fast-Forward button on the Results screen that runs at 4x speed
  • Chats now show greyed out usernames of past user messages instead of '<left>'
  • Subtle visual upgrade of chat messages",
  • Significantly reduced performance hiccups, especially during scene transitions
  • Slightly reduced Rebound XP Modifier from 1.8x to 1.6x
  • 'Crack of Dawn' map now successfully unlocks (may take a day to update)

Update v0.9.7.9[edit | edit source]


  • Upgraded Unity game engine to v5.5.2
  • Fixed crash relating to particle systems
  • Fixed several other unusual game crashes
  • Improved particle system performance
  • Fixed issue where weapon icons would appear over overlays
  • Added common error documentation to Steam Discussions page
  • Some top-secret improvements that I can't get into right now

Update v0.9.7.8[edit | edit source]


  • New Game Mode: Shoccer!
  • Blast the ball into your opponent's goal using weapon explosions
  • Most goals at the end of the game wins!
  • Marksman game mode no longer gives players incompatible weapons
  • Several behind-the-scenes improvements and fixes

Update v0.9.7.7[edit | edit source]


  • Added Player Report Button
  • Player Reports will be collected and analyzed to help in decisions regarding suspensions and bans
  • Fixed issue where text would appear outside of dialog box
  • Clan Leaderboards now more accurate - accuracy will increase over time
  • Updated Unity Engine to v5.5.1 bringing several stability and performance upgrades
  • Non-bouncable weapons no longer appear in crates in Rebound
  • A few other small fixes

Update v0.9.7.6[edit | edit source]


  • Added 2 new weapons:
  • Disco Ball > Groovy Ball (Level 25 Unlock)
  • Report button back-end implementation complete (for release in next update)
  • Fixed a bug where the game mishandled controller input
  • Several behind-the-scenes improvements

Update v0.9.7.5[edit | edit source]


  • Redesigned Pop-Up Dialog box to better fit the art style
  • Pop-Up Dialog box is now controller accessible
  • Brand new audio track added to in-game music
  • A couple of misc. bug fixes

Update v0.9.7.4[edit | edit source]


  • Added list selection to game room screen for convenience
  • Game room screen is now controller accessible
  • Gameplay now better supports controller use
  • Upgraded Unity game engine to v5.5 for many graphics, performance, and stability improvements
  • Several behind-the-scenes fixes and improvements

Update v0.9.7.3[edit | edit source]


  • Added 4 new weapons:
  • Pixel > Mega-Pixel > Super-Pixel > Ultra-Pixel (Level 11 Unlock)
  • Several behind-the-scenes fixes and optimizations
  • Fixed some graphical issues on explosions

Update v0.9.7.2[edit | edit source]


  • Added 5 spooky new weapons:
  • Jack-o-Lantern > Jack-o-Vomit (Gear Shop)
  • Wicked Witch > Witches Broom > Ghouls (Gear Shop)
  • Improved graphical performance of several weapons
  • A couple of bug fixes

Update v0.9.7.1[edit | edit source]


  • Fixed several graphics-related game crashes
  • Updated unity engine to v5.4.2 bringing several improvements:
  • Improved CPU performance
  • Various additional crash and bug fixes
  • Bouncy Ball now bounces off map walls and ceiling
  • Fixed issue where AI players didn't show name
  • Fixed performance issue on some campaign missions

Update v0.9.7.0[edit | edit source]


  • Added Hotseat capability to Skirmish!
  • Press the 'Add Human' button in Skirmish mode to play with local players
  • Please report all bugs or oversights- there are bound to be a few as this was a - significant addition code-wise
  • 0 XP bonuses are no longer shown on the results screen
  • Fixed bug/glitch when playing multiple games of 'Charge' in a row
  • Overhauled menu screen and animation
  • A couple other bug fixes

Update v0.9.6.15[edit | edit source]


  • New Game Mode: Charge!
  • Damage enemies to drain their battery charge and fill yours. First to 100% capacity wins!
  • Fixed Tank Tooltip not displaying the correct info in points mode
  • Added Game Mode icons to the Game Options panel
  • Added Game Mode tooltips to the Game Options panel
  • Fixed issue on the Results screen where tank barrels would point down
  • Modified render path to improve performance and stability

Update v0.9.6.14[edit | edit source]


  • Added new Weapon: Kamikaze > Suicide Bomber (Level 79 Unlock)
  • Added wind option to tournaments
  • Upgraded Unity Engine to v5.4.1 bringing several improvements:
  • Several shader bug fixes
  • Random particle seed bug fixed to improve effect appearance
  • Several other bug fixes and improvements

Update v0.9.6.13[edit | edit source]


  • Updated Text Renderer, hopefully fixing pink shader problems
  • Made several revisions to weapon graphics to look less 'cartoonish'
  • A couple other small fixes

Update v0.9.6.12[edit | edit source]


  • Upgraded and tweaked graphics of more than half the weapons in the game
  • Upgraded visuals on the Results screen
  • Fixed bug where 'Shockwave' weapon wasn't unlocked at lvl 39
  • A couple weapon tweaks (Attractoids, Pinger)

Update v0.9.6.11[edit | edit source]


  • 2 Brand New Weapons Added:
  • Shockwave > Sonic Pulse (Level 39 Unlock)
  • If your tank explodes, it now appears dead on the HUD also
  • Added several new explosion sound effects to the mix
  • Fixed bug that resulted in a negative or crazy elo skill level
  • Added some necessary swag to kChamp's tank

Update v0.9.6.10[edit | edit source]


  • Impressive shots are now visually acknowledged
  • Crash reporting and performance systems improved
  • Upgraded Unity Engine to v5.4 bringing several more improvements:
  • Graphics & rendering performance improvements
  • Better multithreaded rendering
  • New particle possibilities
  • Several small bug fixes

Update v0.9.6.9[edit | edit source]


  • 4 New Weapons:
  • Spider > Tarantula > Daddy Longlegs > Black Widow (Lvl 63 Unlock)
  • Upgraded Unity Engine to v5.3.6 bringing several improvements:
  • Several audio improvements
  • More efficient Asset Bundling
  • Some graphics and particle related issues fixed
  • HP now defaults to 200 instead of 100
  • A couple other small bug fixes

Update v0.9.6.8[edit | edit source]


  • 3 New Weapons:
  • Ringer > Heavy Ringer > Olympic Ringer (Lvl 17 Unlock)
  • Server stability dramatically improved
  • Patched up turn skipping exploit
  • No more username text colors in the turn damage display
  • Several other small fixes and some more behind the scenes stuff

Update v0.9.6.7[edit | edit source]


  • Added new victory theme song: 'Funk'
  • Added new victory theme song: 'Interference'
  • Added new victory theme song: 'Pickup'
  • Added new victory theme song: 'Hot Stuff'
  • Added new map to the gear shop: 'Atlantis'
  • Added new map to the gear shop: 'Chiseled'
  • Added new map to the gear shop: 'Mountain Goats'
  • Two brand new themes added to the gear shop

Update v0.9.6.6[edit | edit source]


  • Fixed a bug in the server providing better in-game stability
  • Increased wait time before trying Connection Method 2 to 45s, which should help the 'logged in elsewhere' issue
  • Increased stability of server-side weapon simulation
  • Optimized error reporting
  • Fixed a bug in the server code where player timers were not disposed of correctly
  • The server now deals with storing weapons in a more robust manner
  • Added increased clarity to a specific connection error message
  • Server CPU limits reduced, which will lead to less disconnects

Update v0.9.6.5[edit | edit source]


  • Upgraded Unity engine to v5.3.5 bringing performance and stability improvements
  • Fixed a memory leak in the server code leading to significantly fewer crashes
  • Increased wait time before trying Connection Method 2, which should help the 'logged in elsewhere' issue
  • Weapons now filtered in 'Rebound' mode- Players won't receive weapons incompatible with the mode
  • Added subtle hover sound effect to some buttons

Update v0.9.6.4[edit | edit source]


Update v0.9.6.3[edit | edit source]


  • 6 Brand New Weapons!
  • Shank > Dagger > Sword (Lvl 21 Unlock)
  • Arrow > Bow & Arrow > Flaming Arrow (Lvl 33 Unlock)
  • Fixed a graphical glitch where projectiles would appear at the wrong angle for a frame
  • Fixed a graphical glitch which displayed a frame of an improper particle system
  • AI no longer shoot some weapons improperly
  • Several small bug fixes

Update v0.9.6.2[edit | edit source]


  • Optimized and decreased server memory usage which should decrease crashes and disconnects
  • Optimized and decreased client memory usage for better performance
  • Fixed clan instability and a bug where the leader couldn't kick members
  • Several smaller bug fixes

Update v0.9.6.1[edit | edit source]


  • Connection Issue Patched!
  • The game now attempts a second connection method if the first fails. This should solve the issue for those of you who are stuck on the 'Connecting' screen. Thanks for your patience!

Update v0.9.6[edit | edit source]


  • New Game Mod Added: Level Field!
  • Level Field Mod: No Items, No Tank Upgrades, No Crates, All players get the same weapons
  • Added Clan Leaderboards (Main Menu > Leaderboards > Top Clans)
  • Added 'Atmospheric Nudge' to help discourage ruler use: (Experimental)
  • Tanks shooting exclusively straight up at max power may have their shots nudged off-course a bit
  • If you don't shoot straight up at max power every turn then you won't be affected
  • Added option to disable Atmospheric Nudge as a game option
  • Added tooltips to some of the game options
  • Progress made towards fixing Connection bug- may be fixed for some of you. More coming soon.

Update v0.9.5.18[edit | edit source]


  • Multiplayer matches now allow pre-game movement to help improve balance!
  • MVP now shown to all players on the results screen
  • Fixed bug where some player names would show as '[unknown]'
  • Several bug fixes

Update v0.9.5.17[edit | edit source]


  • Results Screen now shows damage dealt for all players!
  • Player with most damage is crowned 'MVP' and earns an XP bonus
  • Results screen tweaked to animate faster
  • Tournaments now automatically reset 60 seconds after finishing
  • Draws no longer affect ELO in points mode
  • Fixed bug with the wrong player count in the Tournament lobby
  • Fixed bug where player tanks would explode multiple times
  • Refined error reporting system
  • Improved server reliability

Update v0.9.5.16[edit | edit source]


  • New Tank Gun Added: Tiered (Level 25 Unlock)
  • New Tank Chassis Added: Abrams (Level 65 Unlock)
  • New Tank Track Added: Chrome (Level 80 Unlock)
  • Brand new audio track added to in-game music
  • Points Mode exploit patched
  • Fixed bug where points mode UI text was in wrong location
  • Several other bug fixes

Update v0.9.5.15[edit | edit source]


  • 5 New Weapons Added:
  • Tadpoles > Frogs > Bullfrog (Lvl 27 Unlock)
  • Train > Express (Lvl 77 Unlock)
  • Fixed bug where the unlock screen would show the same level-up twice
  • Fixed game stall when using ShockShell
  • Improved visuals on loading screen

Update v0.9.5.14[edit | edit source]


  • Many more small bug fixes
  • Slight overall performance increase
  • Added ability to mute players in-game (from the tooltip pop-up)

Update v0.9.5.13[edit | edit source]


  • Improved overall graphical performance
  • Improved code optimization
  • Implemented Unity Analytics and unity Game Performance to better diagnose errors
  • Improved scene transition screen
  • Optimized sprite texture sizes
  • Several bug fixes

Update v0.9.5.12[edit | edit source]


  • Improved overall performance + optimization
  • Some items now loaded asynchronously to improve responsiveness
  • Optimized several backend operations

Update v0.9.5.11[edit | edit source]


  • Upgraded Unity Engine to v5.3.4
  • Upgraded Text Engine
  • Increased performance of shot tracers
  • Optimized Hub screens and some back-end operations for better performance
  • Increased performance when selecting weapons
  • Several other performance improvements

Update v0.9.5.10[edit | edit source]


  • Fixed bug where tournament would stall if players left early
  • Vacant tournament players no longer listed as '?'
  • Screen can't be filled up with chat bubbles any more
  • Marksman mode progresses to harder targets faster
  • Marksman mode grants progressively more XP for harder targets
  • Gear Saving missions are now more reliable

Update v0.9.5.9[edit | edit source]


  • Added 10 New Weapons:
  • Banana > Banana Split > Banana Bunch (Lvl 5 Unlock)
  • Static > Static Link > Static Chain (Lvl 13 Unlock)
  • Fleet > Heavy Fleet > Super Fleet > Squadron (Lvl 43 Unlock)
  • Improved Tank Firing Effect

Update v0.9.5.8[edit | edit source]


  • Added new Game Mode: Marksman! Take turn smashing targets- miss and you're dead
  • Bullet Weapons (Glock, Uzi, etc.) now hit all crate types
  • Updated ShellShock Live Splash Image
  • Several other bug fixes

Update v0.9.5.7[edit | edit source]


  • Added new feature: TeleHeli- Smash it to instantly teleport your tank
  • Fixed an in-game freeze
  • No more massive or colored usernames
  • Added audio effect for crates entering

Update v0.9.5.6[edit | edit source]


  • Added themes unlockable by leveling up
  • Converted shop-bought themes into two-tone gradient themes
  • Game theme option now defaults to random (with blue theme weighted heavily)
  • Upgraded Unity engine to v5.3.3
  • Fixed graphical bug on Linux
  • Several other bug fixes

Update v0.9.5.5[edit | edit source]


  • Added Optional Round Mod: Single Weapon
  • Subtle changes to Game Options display
  • Game Options List now highlights changed game settings
  • Started building backend system for more in-depth stats and leaderboards
  • No more massive text

Update v0.9.5.4[edit | edit source]


  • Added Golden Gear Crate: Tank who smashes it earns 5 gears, other tanks earn 1
  • Updated in-game HUD to show game mode and rules
  • Wind now adds to XP Multiplier. (1.05x, 1.1x, and 1.15x for Low, Medium, and High Wind)
  • Victory bonus now worth twice as much XP
  • Tweaked Weapon Upgrade XP (yet again!)
  • Added setting to disable lobby chat

Update v0.9.5.3[edit | edit source]


  • Fixed lag associated with too many shot tracers (Ex. Attractoids)
  • Added All-Shot option to tournaments
  • Tank usernames now turn grey when killed
  • Adjusted some singleplayer missions
  • Account profile box placed in better locations on Room and Tournament screen
  • Several stability fixes

Update v0.9.5.2[edit | edit source]


  • Adjusted Weapon and Level Progression to be faster (You probably gained a few levels)
  • Wind indicator direction now clearer
  • Team matches now default to Team-Shot instead of Single-Shot
  • Bullet weapons such as Glock can now hit crates
  • Added this fancy flashing notification of new updates
  • Fixed bug where Account username overflowed into the tank
  • Fixed bug where Username wrapped past tournament bracket slot
  • Fixed bug where lobby chat member slots extended past chat box
  • Fixed bug where Bounty remained on tank even after death

Update v0.9.5.2b[edit | edit source]


  • Fixed bug where tank would constantly move and aim left
  • Added setting to disable Game Controller Input for those who still experience input problems
  • Note: Some problems were caused by 'jVoy' device driver- Uninstalling or disabling vJoy may fix the issue

Update v0.9.5.1[edit | edit source]


  • 11 Brand New Weapons Added:
  • Glock -> M9 -> Desert Eagle (Level 9 Unlock)
  • UZI -> MP5 -> P90 (Level 41 Unlock)
  • M4 -> M16 -> AK-47 (Level 65 Unlock)
  • Portal Gun -> ASHPD (Portal Challenge Unlock)
  • 9 Brand New Challenges and Achievements Added:
  • Dimensional
  • The Cake is a Lie
  • Space-Time God
  • Double Damage
  • Opportunist
  • Mr. X2
  • Bouncy
  • Ricochet
  • Master of Geometry

Update v0.9.5.0[edit | edit source]


  • Several stability fixes
  • In-Game Chat keystrokes no longer affect game UI
  • Tournament player names no longer overflow into scores
  • Tournament bracket scores now updated more accurately

Update v0.9.4.9[edit | edit source]


  • Weapon Unlock Grid Visualization added
  • Level progression tweaked to be quicker
  • Gears spawn 40% more frequently
  • Items spawn more frequently
  • Weapons upgrade slightly faster
  • Added steam lobby visibility option

Update v0.9.4.8[edit | edit source]


  • Unity Game Engine updated to v5.3.2
  • Hub Profile button now notifies when upgrades are available
  • Fixed bug where space would fire weapon even when chatting
  • Open games and tourneys now shown in separate lists before inaccessible games and tourneys
  • Added refresh buttons to each MP list title
  • Added tooltips to inaccessible game slots
  • Game title no longer can extend into the game details text field
  • Inaccessible game slots now grayed out
  • When returning to the lobby from a mission, the Singleplayer menu item is automatically selected
  • The Weapons Hub Screen now shows how weapon families are unlocked
  • Several other small fixes

Update v0.9.4.7[edit | edit source]


  • Daily Win Bonus Re-Added
  • Added new 'Community' menu option with links to community areas
  • Added Player Levels back to the lobby chat
  • Game slots that contain friends are now placed at the top of the list
  • Mousing over a game slot friend icon now shows a tooltip with the friend name

Update v0.9.4.6[edit | edit source]


  • Live Background added to Lobby and Room screens
  • Friend Icons added to Multiplayer Game Slots
  • Refresh button added to Multiplayer Game List
  • Date Added to News / Release Note info
  • Game Modes icons in Game Slots now glow appropriate color

Update v0.9.4.5[edit | edit source]


  • Increased size of lobby chat and lobby chat text
  • Added Map Thumbnails to Campaign mission slots
  • Added loading icon to lobby chat
  • Added fancy bullets to release note list
  • Added the ability for me to change the 'Next Update' field dynamically
  • Skirmish button now works correctly

Update v0.9.4.4[edit | edit source]


  • Lobby Screen completely redesigned!
  • Missing features coming in the next couple days (daily win etc.)
  • Fixed crash for some Linux and Windows users
  • Several other small fixes

Update v0.9.4.3[edit | edit source]


  • Player Avatars now shown in tournament list
  • Player Avatars now shown in tournament bracket
  • A few small fixes

Update v0.9.4.2[edit | edit source]


  • Tournament bracket now shows current game scores
  • Tournament bracket now shows games 'in progress'
  • Tournament win XP adjusted (based on various tourney details)
  • Tournament matches now count for the daily win bonus
  • Tournament bracket visual update

Update v0.9.4.1[edit | edit source]


  • Added HP option to tournaments
  • Added Items toggle option to tournaments
  • Tournament bracket match-ups now random
  • Tournament player count now shown while waiting to fill
  • Fixed bug where tournament chat went off-screen
  • Correct tank parts now shown on tournament bracket slots
  • Fixed bug with '?' players in tournaments
  • Fixed bug where a couple victory songs wouldn't play

Update v0.9.4.0[edit | edit source]


  • Tournaments BETA released!
  • Very basic, limited framework of tournaments added to SSL
  • Many more improvements to come- this is just the beginning
  • Fixed Juggernaut Challenge
  • Tweaked Top Bar design
  • Updated Unity Game Engine to 5.3

Update v0.9.3.8[edit | edit source]


  • Revamped 'Turn Results' display with weapon icons and new visual style
  • Reworked Campaign missions top UI cluster
  • Added new visual pulsation effect to aimer control
  • Refined ELO system to more accurately adjust scores in Team and FFA matches
  • Improved performance by optimizing graphical effects
  • Replaced lobby SSL logo with a crisper version
  • Upgraded the look of targets in missions and added a dynamic motion effect

Update v0.9.3.7[edit | edit source]


  • Added New Feature: Daily Win Bonus!
  • Earn a spin on the Reward Wheel by racking up a multiplayer victory
  • Earn max one spin per day
  • Current spin rewards include various gear packages - more rewards to come
  • Upgraded Unity Engine to 5.2.2
  • Small stability fixes

Update v0.9.3.6[edit | edit source]


  • Added 2 new weapons to the Gear Shop: Summoner and Travelers
  • Added 2 new maps to the Gear: 'Capped' and 'Wavy'
  • Added new tank chassis to the Gear Shop
  • Added new tank gun to the Gear Shop
  • Added 2 new victory songs to the Gear Shop

Update v0.9.3.5[edit | edit source]


  • Added Player Rating Score based on the Elo Rating System
  • Added Rating Score display to player slots in game lobby
  • Added Player Rating Steam Leaderboard (
  • Player Rating is subject to tweaking
  • Built tooltip mechanism to provide more info on select buttons
  • (Eg. Hover over Player Rating for more precise rating)

Update v0.9.3.4[edit | edit source]


  • New Game Mode: Rebound!
  • Items can now require cooldowns between use (currently only shield)
  • Fixed bug where a 2x hit in Assassin wouldn't grant XP
  • Fixed bug where skirmish mode would freeze (let me know if it still happens)
  • Fixed bug where game mode rules brief wouldn't show
  • Improved visual look of +XP indicator
  • Several smaller bug fixes

Update v0.9.3.3[edit | edit source]


  • Added 2 new Weapons:
  • Guppies -> Minnows -> Goldfish (Lvl 3 Unlock)
  • Partition -> Division (Lvl 75 Unlock)
  • A couple minor bug fixes

Update v0.9.3.2[edit | edit source]


  • Added Weapon Previews to the Weapons Tab
  • Upgraded Game Engine to latest version
  • Performance and stability improvements due to engine upgrade
  • Buffed FireStorm
  • Several bug fixes

Update v0.9.3.1[edit | edit source]


  • Added Tab icons to Hub
  • Redesigned Weapons Hub tab (Weapon previews coming soon)
  • Fixed bug where AI would always deal crit damage
  • Fixed bug where game crashed when player left

Update v0.9.3.0[edit | edit source]


  • Added Singleplayer Skirmish Mode! (BETA)
  • Fixed bug where extra XP would be given and then corrected
  • Added visual glow to portals, buffs, bumpers, etc.
  • Increased XP Mult of Jugg. (1x -> 1.2x) and Assassin (1.3x -> 1.35x)

Update v0.9.2.9[edit | edit source]


  • Added 'Update Preview' box below!
  • Should help keep the community updated with development
  • ETAs are just estimates!

Update v0.9.2.8[edit | edit source]


  • Weapon Drops now appear in your arsenal immediately
  • Drops now show icons instead of weapon names
  • Drops now have a 50% chance of appearing instead of 100%
  • Drops now hold a max of 3 weapons

Update v0.9.2.7[edit | edit source]


  • Dead tanks now drop mini-crates with a portion of their weapons! (BETA)
  • Dark outline added to Power Angle text
  • Recently unlocked weapons now highlighted in the Firing Range
  • Gave several UI items and buttons a facelift

Update v0.9.2.6[edit | edit source]


  • Clan Message-Posting System Added!
  • Clan Leaders can now kick members
  • Two new weapons added:
  • Sunflower -> Helianthus (Lvl 92 Unlock)
  • Jackpot -> Mega-Jackpot -> Ultra-Jackpot -> Lottery (Lvl 95 Unlock)
  • Damage amount numbers now look prettier
  • Fixed Crash on OSX

Update v0.9.2.5[edit | edit source]


  • Steam Trading Cards Added!
  • Brand new projectile lighting effects added
  • Added a few other visual improvements

Update v0.9.2.4[edit | edit source]


  • AI Tanks now 30 IQ points smarter!
  • AI Tanks won't shoot themselves and will move strategically
  • Added new background and effects to results screen
  • Fixed bug where players could be buried by the terrain

Update v0.9.2.3[edit | edit source]


  • Added visual background to maps
  • Added game start animation
  • Added 6 new themes to the gear shop
  • Fixed bug where 'luck' skills were swapped
  • Fixed bug where tunneling weapons would deal double damage

Update v0.9.2.2[edit | edit source]


  • Upgraded the look of terrain (Added better lighting glow effect)
  • Added three new weapons:
  • Quicksand > Desert (Lvl 35 Unlock)
  • Jammer > Jiver > Rocker (Lvl 57 Unlock)
  • 3D-Bomb > 2x3D > 3x3D (Lvl 67 Unlock)

Update v0.9.2.1[edit | edit source]


  • Added 18 new challenges and 5 new weapons!
  • SkullShot > Skeleton (Challenge Unlock)
  • Pinpoint > Needles > Pins and Needles (Challenge Unlock)
  • Fat Stacks > Dolla Bills > Make-It-Rain (Challenge Unlock)
  • God Rays > Deity (Challenge Unlock)
  • Hidden Blade > Secret Blade > Concealed Blade (Challenge Unlock)
  • Fixed Synclets bug

Update v0.9.2[edit | edit source]


  • Added 11 brand new weapons sets!
  • Bouncy Ball > Super Ball (Lvl 59 Unlock)
  • Water Balloon > Water Trio > Water Fight (Lvl 31 Unlock)
  • Carpet Bomb > Carpet Fire > Incendiary Bombs (Lvl 53 Unlock)
  • Battering Ram > Double Ram > Ram-Squad > Double Ram-Squad (Lvl 61 Unlock)
  • Saw Blade > Rip Saw > Diamond Blade (Lvl 47 Unlock)
  • Spotter > Spotter XL > Spotter XXL (Lvl 69 Unlock)
  • Spaz > Spazzer > Spaztastic (Lvl 37 Unlock)
  • Synclets > Super-Synclets (Lvl 49 Unlock)
  • Moons > Orbitals (Lvl 19 Unlock)
  • Shadow > Darkshadow > Deathshadow (Lvl 51 Unlock)
  • Bee Hive > Killer Bees > Wasps (Lvl 73 Unlock)

Update v0.9.1.10[edit | edit source]


  • Buffed Prestige weapons Black Hole and Deceiver
  • Added new Prestige weapon (Level 89 Unlock): Laser Beam > Great Beam > Ultra Beam > Master Beam

Update v0.9.1.9[edit | edit source]


  • Added 3 new weapon sets:
  • Counter 3000 > Counter 4000 > Counter 5000 > Counter 6000 (Lvl 15 Unlock)
  • Black Hole > Cosmic Rift (Prestige Lvl 81 Unlock)
  • Puzzler > Deceiver > Baffler (Prestige Lvl 85 Unlock)

Update v0.9.1.8[edit | edit source]


  • Added 4 new weapons:
  • Sillyballs > Wackyballs > Crazyballs (Lvl 45 Unlock)
  • Gravies > Gravits (Lvl 23 Unlock)
  • Bounstrike > Bounstream > Bounstorm (Lvl 71 Unlock)
  • Yin Yang > Yin Yang Yong (Lvl 29 Unlock)

Update v0.9.1.7[edit | edit source]


  • New Game Mode: Juggernaut!
  • Random player chosen to be the Juggernaut
  • Juggernaut gets increased hp and armor
  • Juggernaut vs. All (up to 7v1)
  • Pre-game rules now have game-mode specific color
  • Adjusted full chassis upgrades to yield 40% Armor instead of 50% (Ex. 40 Armor on 100hp match instead of 50 Armor if fully upgraded)
  • Disabled Friendly Fire for Juggernaut mode
  • Reduced Juggernaut armor slightly
  • You can now view the 'Locked In' shots of your allies

Update v0.9.1.6[edit | edit source]


  • In-game chat bubbles no longer overlap
  • In-game chat bubbles have a more streamlined look
  • Fixed bug where chat messages would extend past bubble
  • Added Supply drop sound effect
  • Power / angle text no longer goes offscreen on sides of map
  • Added small explanations to shop and items hub screen
  • Fixed bug where game and win achievement icon wouldn't show

Update v0.9.1.5[edit | edit source]


  • Added game mode notification and rules at the beginning of each round
  • Added gear tutorial notification for new users
  • Added new sound effects to roughly 50 weapons
  • Fixed skill reset text to show 'week' instead of 'month'
  • Several smaller bug fixes

Update v0.9.1.4[edit | edit source]


  • Added new game mode: Assassin!
  • Each player is given a target to take out
  • Any damage to other tanks will result in 0 damage
  • Assassin kills will result in 5 Kill XP + 5 Assassination XP
  • Increased points mode XP multiplier from .8 to .9
  • Added Game mode icon to game slots
  • Reduced 50k play and win achievements to 10k and increased rewards
  • Fixed bug where Steam wouldn't award achievements

Update v0.9.1.3[edit | edit source]


  • Fixed bug where in-game gun barrel part wouldn't show
  • Improved Tank and fire graphics and added tank glow visual effect
  • Crates now have an enter animation, and obstacles have an exit animation
  • Obstacles no longer spawn on top of eachother
  • Increased frequency of crates
  • Victory music now uses music volume instead of sound volume
  • Added individual XP multipliers to specific maps
  • Buffed BreakerChain and SplitterChain; Slightly decreased damage on SuperSplitter
  • Added short kChamp Games Splash screen
  • Fixed a couple of shield bugs

Update v0.9.1.2[edit | edit source]


  • Added 'Points' mode and backend system for more modes in the future
  • Added Game option to choose Weapon System
  • Added XP Multiplier (also affects weapon xp)
  • XP Multiplier affected by game mode, player count, shot type, and wep system
  • All Multiplier values are subject to change
  • Reduced Skill Point reset wait time from 30 days to 7 days
  • Fixed bug where wrong weapon totals were shown

Update v0.9.1.1[edit | edit source]


  • Added new Weapon: Shrapnel (Level 55 Unlock)
  • Altered Weapon system to deal specific weapon levels
  • You have a chance to receive any weapon you have unlocked / upgraded
  • This should add variety to the game and contribute to player balance (read about it on the blog:
  • Luck now also increases your chances of getting upgraded weapons
  • Weapon XP required to upgrade has been decreased to accommodate the new system
  • Fixed bug where mission weapons would go to 0
  • Redesigned weapon tile tabs

Update v0.9.1[edit | edit source]


  • Adjusted leveling to be faster - brought level 80 down from ~350 XP to ~200 XP
  • (You may have even gained a few levels. Congrats!)
  • Added levels 81 - 100 as Prestige Levels
  • Will be adding unlocks to Prestige Levels shortly
  • Added fancy community buttons to lobby
  • Adjusted game price to reach new players
  • Granted all current players 500 gears and 'Early Adopter' status
  • Early adopters will be first to get beta features

Update v0.9.0.5[edit | edit source]


  • Added 'Range Options' button to Firing Range
  • Added ability to change map in Firing Range
  • Click and drag the enemy in Firing Range to move it

Update v0.9.0.4[edit | edit source]


  • Added Game Option to limit the player level difference allowed
  • Game now warns you when joining a much higher/lower lvl game
  • QuickJoin now places you in a game with similar level players
  • Redesigned Game Option list to accommodate more options

Update v0.9.0.3[edit | edit source]


  • Added controller support! Fine tuning to come soon
  • Added custom mouse cursor
  • Added new explosion effect to Air Strike
  • Added new Explosion and Fire effect to dead tank
  • Added Global Rank notification
  • Several bug fixes

Update v0.9.0.2[edit | edit source]


  • Added controller support! Fine tuning to come soon
  • Added custom mouse cursor
  • Added new explosion effect to Air Strike
  • Added new Explosion and Fire effect to dead tanks

Update v0.9.0.1[edit | edit source]


  • Added 6 epic new tracks to game soundtrack!
  • Fixed issue with Shop not updating

Update v0.9.0[edit | edit source]


Added New Feature: Victory Theme Song! 

Choose your Theme Song from new Hub Screen: Songs

Added Several Victory Theme Songs to the shop

Added Star to winning tanks on Results Screen

Increased performance of Hub

Fixed Tank Names overlapping on Results Screen

Update v0.8.9[edit | edit source]


Update v0.8.8.1[edit | edit source]


  • Performance increased for 'Low' Quality Setting (Projectiles no longer emit light on 'Low')

Update v0.8.8[edit | edit source]


  • Added the ability to wager (up to 3) gears on matches! Match winners split the pot
  • Player gear amounts are now shown in game room
  • Added a game option to disable items
  • Fixed a skillshot bug not showing +5XP

Update v0.8.7[edit | edit source]


  • Added New Feature: Bounty
  • When Bounty Icon appears on an enemy, kill it for gears
  • If enemy survives a bounty, they earn a gear

Update v0.8.6.1[edit | edit source]


  • Average Player level now shown on game list
  • W and S now scroll through weapons in-game
  • All Skill Shots are now worth 5 XP
  • Weapon adjustments (Sprinkler, Super-Splitter, Gatling Gun)
  • Mega Builder and Mega Digger now both do 18 damage

Update v0.8.6[edit | edit source]


  • Added Theme support for Multiplayer!
  • Added 3 themes to the gear shop
  • Fixed bug where game chat would not display

Update v0.8.5.1[edit | edit source]


  • XP and gears are now awarded if you leave a game after dying
  • Added reward icon to Results XP bar
  • Added outline to top bar xp text

Update v0.8.5[edit | edit source]


  • Added Gear Shop - More shop items to come
  • Upgraded Particle Engine (contact me with particle bugs)
  • Fixed bug where dead player would be kicked
  • Several bug fixes

Update v0.8.4.2[edit | edit source]


  • Added Mute Button to Lobby Chat
  • Added Mute button to Game room chat
  • Muted players are remembered between sessions

Update v0.8.4.1[edit | edit source]


Increased Clan member limit to 30

Extended gear hover time slightly

EMP now also wipes out past shot tracer

Fixed Jetpack and EMP overlay bug

Update v0.8.4[edit | edit source]


  • Added Earnable Currency - Gears!
  • Gears occasionally spawn in-game as a result of explosions
  • Pick up a gear by hovering over it with your mouse
  • Fixed Chat Bubble Text
  • Improved performance in Hub and Lobby

Update v0.8.3.1[edit | edit source]


  • Clan Tag now only shows when accepted in a clan
  • Fixed text on single-player missions slots
  • Decreased Hub btn size (perhaps making room for something?)

Update v0.8.3[edit | edit source]


  • Upgraded Text Engine (email me if you find text glitches)
  • Added Clan Tag to lobby chat player list
  • Added Clan Tag to room player list

Update v0.8.2[edit | edit source]


  • Clans BETA v0.1 released - New 'Clan' Tab in Hub
  • More Clan functionality to come
  • Several small bug fixes

Update v0.8.1[edit | edit source]


  • Added shot tracer to keep track of your last shot
  • Added game option to enable/disable shot tracer
  • Added 'Settings' setting to enable/disable shot tracer
  • Added turn time game option (35, 45, 60 sec)

Update v0.8.0[edit | edit source]


  • You can now reset tank upgrade-tree (once a month)
  • Fixed the pesky mission reset button bug
  • Several small bug fixes

Update v0.7.9[edit | edit source]


  • Added 'Ranks' Section to 'Progress' Hub screen
  • Added challenge XP and rewards to 'Challenges' Hub screen
  • Several small bug and stability fixes
  • Optimized performance in several areas

Update v0.7.8[edit | edit source]


  • Added Player Turn Damage summary
  • Fixed bug where moves wouldn't be counted at 'Move Only' end

Update v0.7.7[edit | edit source]


  • Fixed bug where Armor bar extended past bounds
  • Fixed bug where items could be used after firing
  • EMP now correctly limits motion and removes shot memory
  • Added EMP and Teleport sound effects; EMP blast now visible
  • Fixed bug that prevented crit damage
  • Adjusted 11-Ball damage

Update v0.7.6[edit | edit source]


  • Fixed bug where angle text went under the UI bar
  • Game options for host no longer closes on player ready
  • Made progress towards fixing mission reset bug
  • Several other small bug fixes

Update v0.7.5[edit | edit source]


  • Fixed a crash on Linux
  • Fixed Cactus smoke trail bug
  • Adjusted ShockShell damage
  • Unlock / Upgrade screen now responds to Fast Forward

Update v0.7.4[edit | edit source]


  • Added Team Chat! (Shift+Enter to open chat in team mode)
  • Fixed Beacon + Portal bug
  • Slightly decreased required XP for weapon upgrades
  • Fixed endless portal bug
  • Fixed bug where online friends would be dimmed out
  • Fixed a bug that messed with the lobby chat user list

Update v0.7.3[edit | edit source]


  • Click user in lobby or room to bring up their Steam profile
  • Made Arrow key angle and power movement more precise
  • Stacking no longer awards increased XP or Weapon XP
  • Room chat auto-selects upon entering

Update v0.7.2[edit | edit source]


  • FFA Team-shot no longer acts as All-shot
  • Escape now closes chat in-game
  • Removed old user list from under lobby chat loading screen
  • Blocked 'friends' no longer show up on friends list
  • Fixed bug where 'friends only' games were not visible
  • Modified game list appearance

Update v0.7.1[edit | edit source]


  • Can now Click or press Space to continue from menu screen
  • Fixed bug that caused Steamworks API not to initialize

Update v0.7.0[edit | edit source]


  • Fixed turn stalling bug
  • Prevented player's from accidentally firing at turn beginning
  • Fixed several smaller errors
  • Can no longer click buttons under the transition screen

Update v0.6.7[edit | edit source]


  • Fixed bug where you'd switch between games
  • Fixed some general game-joining bugs
  • Turns out quickjoin was causing problems - fixed them

Update v0.6.6[edit | edit source]


  • Fixed bug where in-game chat didn't work
  • Fixed bug that prevented upgraded weapons from firing
  • Crates no longer appear off-screen
  • Fixed Crazy-Cluster unlock criteria
  • Fixed bug where players could join multiple games at once

Update v0.6.5[edit | edit source]


  • More behind the scenes stability fixes

Update v0.6.4[edit | edit source]


  • Added mission retry button
  • Did some other behind the scenes stuff

Update v0.6.3[edit | edit source]


  • Fixed bug where dead tanks could move
  • Fixed bug where all tanks turn red when player exits
  • Timer sound plays correctly
  • Fixed skill shot display and added sound
  • Added tutorial instructions for some missions

Update v0.6.2[edit | edit source]


  • Added Power and Angle to multiplayer games
  • Turn notification sound added
  • Adjusted 'Lowlands' Map
  • Added timer warning sound

Update v0.6.1[edit | edit source]


  • Avatars now show in chat
  • Fixed 'Chaos' mission
  • Fixed bug where chat messages could exit the bubble

Update v0.6.0[edit | edit source]


  • Turn arrow no longer shows on dead
  • Turn arrow shows blue when locked in
  • Hub button flashes when tank upgrade ready
  • Flower spins the correct way :)
  • Added more sound effects

Update v0.5.6[edit | edit source]


  • Fixed bug where tank upgrades couldn't be spent
  • Host names now correct in game list
  • Fixed issue with results health bars
  • Tweaked Fireworks mission
  • Added reason pop-up when user can't join match

Update v0.5.5[edit | edit source]


  • Can now shoot all weapons received in crates
  • Fixed issue where supply drops would not happen
  • Added levels to lobby chat
  • Fixed issue where items would not be available in missions

Update v0.5.4[edit | edit source]


  • Can't use items when you're dead (sorry)
  • Lobby chat now scrolls correctly
  • Fixed bug where tank tooltip was offscreen

Update v0.5.3[edit | edit source]


  • Fixed [unknown] names in Lobby and Game
  • Fixed bug where dead players can shoot
  • Fixed bug where players were shown as Player####
  • Fixed bug where chat wouldn't work properly
  • Tank motion now responds to volume
  • Clicking on enemy tank in room no longer brings up your Hub

Update v0.5.2[edit | edit source]


  • Added Scroll Wheel support for Map Select
  • Fixed bug where player would be kicked wrongly
  • Fixed bug where chat bubbles would go off-screen
  • Added several sound effects
  • Added Move Only support to All-Shot mode
  • Corrected Results Health and Armor bars

Update v0.5.1[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed Default Quality Options
  • Fixed issue where music stops playing
  • Fixed bug involving motion on slopes
  • Fixed depth issue with mission buttons
  • Aiming circle now remembers last shot

First release v0.5[edit | edit source]

  • First Release!
  • Many more features to come soon
  • Please report any bugs to